Friday, 30 January 2015

winter outfit inspo

If you are from the UK you will know that winter has finally hit us in full force, it might not seem that crazy for all those of you who are from even colder climates but to me it is on the cusp of just being manageable. Having to go to uni in the morning and coming back home after dark kills me! The only thing that saves me is the LAYERING and also COATS! 

Monday, 19 January 2015

HELLO 2015

oh my, my, my, I cant believe it's 2015 already. Lets start to do this blogging thing more often shall we. I am currently studying a BA in architecture and although it's only my first year, the work load is immense! That is architecture for you... (Procrastinating right now, should be doing work).

For this year, apart from the blog more often resolution I also want to create a capsule wardrobe thing for this year. I started out that new year resolution by clearing out my wardrobe, albeit not much of it since I don't have many clothes since moving away from home.

wardrobe essentials 2015

Toast brown dress / Black dress, £170 / Salvatore Ferragamo dress, £905 / Monki black and white dress, £19 / Blue cardigan, £235 / Equipment shirts blouse, £135 / La Garçonne Moderne black sweater, £295 / The Row blue shirt / T By Alexander Wang white shirt, £79 / Shirts blouse, £21 / R13 short sleeve shirt, £130 / Wood Wood striped shirt, £46 / Vanessa Bruno Athé wool coat, £285 / AllSaints quilted jacket / Jacket, £165 / Zara black blazer, £33 / Trench coat, £285 / SUNO New York elastic waist pants, £98 / Joie shorts, £52 / The Row black skirt / Ann Taylor short shorts, £14 / Acne Studios blue jeans / Chloé pleated skirt / Acne Studios black jeans, £145 / Levi's Made & Crafted blue jeans, £81 / K. Jacques white sandals, £190 / Rupert Sanderson nude shoes, £445 / A.P.C. flat shoes / Chanel flat shoes / Superga shoes / Rachel Comey high heel shoes, £255 / Rachel Comey high heel shoes, £255 / Fendi handbag, £545 / Betty and Betts leather handbag, £125 / Coach leather handbag, £230 / MARC BY MARC JACOBS initial jewelry / MARC BY MARC JACOBS butterfly jewelry, £36 / Burberry scarve, £315 / Knit hat, £11 / Rag bone black hat, £130 / Maison Boinet black belt, £120 / Fjällräven Kånken Mini, £36 / Agatha Brogue

So I made this polyvore collection of the sort of things I need for this year, obviously not the exact things because that would be hella expensive, it will be more of a guide. I want the items to be interchangeable and go with everything and my dash of colour will be the reds. I already have a few of these items so I'm on a roll!

Wish me luck people!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Tee - Primark // Blazer - Zara // Jeans - UO // Brogues - Hobbs // Silk Scarf - &otherstories

Hiya everybody (doctor nick voice)! I think every single one of my posts is always going to have an apology of some sort about my awful blogging schedule, if you can even call it a schedule. Today I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy and it was AWESOME. Groot was my favourite. I wore my new brogues for the first time and they proved to be very comfortable... LOVE THEM! I have been wanting these shoes for the longest time and I snagged it up in the sale for £45 reduced from £180 or something crazy. The silk scarf is from &otherstories and it was in the sales too and 70% off and the man repeller made me buy it since I love the way she wears her silk scarfs.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

1, 2, jump!

I have been such a bad blogger... I have no excuse. On the bright side, I am an employed woman once again. I will be working only for the summer at a cd and dvd shop, which is perfect really since I will be going to university in september.

Here is something I wore a few days ago.

Plaid top - Uniqlo // Jumpsuit - Topshop

I decided to wear my hair in milkmaid braids and I love it! I'm cutting a lot of my hair for when I go to uni and just enjoying the long-ness of my hair right now. I don't think I've ever had my hair this long (even though you can't see it in this post LOL )

BOO! Excuse the silly face haha.

Here is my mother and I drinking a coconut at St. Pauls carnival. So yummy!

Thursday, 26 June 2014


I am now officially free from a thing called... exams. Sorry for not blogging the past month, I really wanted to, but alas I kept forgetting to take pictures of my outfits and also because I had exams, duh haha. My last exam was last week and I have just been loving guilt free chilling out, though it does feel weird not being guilty. I always feel like I should be doing revision when I don't need to do it anymore. England has had a stint of lovely weather these past couple of weeks (though, I complain that is too hot). Here is the outfit I wore yesterday. I bought the dress from Topshop Vintage section on SALE! I wore it backwards because I love the neck line, or is it back line? Note to self: take better pictures.

Dress - Topshop Vintage // Shoes - Ebay 

Here are a few pictures of me and my friends and what I've been up to in my hiatus. Gosh, I love that word... hiatus.

On me - Topshop Dress

Lily, Tanzi and Me chilling in Tanzi's garden. We made cocktails, and it was very bitty, but rather tasty.

Hassan (nice face) , Mehry, Nabeeha and me.

Taken on the day that I had finished my exams. We went to Las Iguanas, which is a Mexican restaurant. I really wanted to try some Mexican food YUM.

Bought, cooked and ate my first ever artichoke... it was delicioso.

Look how nice the weather is!

Saturday, 31 May 2014

bad judgements

Jumper - H&M // Jacket - Topshop // Jeans - H&M // Hat - Topshop // Shoes - Superga

Hello people, this is what I wore today; pretty simple because I was riding my bike and don't want to be concerned about exposing myself in skirts etc. My weather judgement was completely off today, it was overcast but rather hot, and here I am wearing a jumper, jacket and jeans. I also just realised my whole outfit is basically just Topshop and H&M.

Today I went to do some outdoor revision with a friend of mine. I don't get why I still insist on going to revise in the outdoors when I end up just chilling in the sun and forgetting about the revision; probably just an excuse to go out. We went to Victoria Square in Bristol and did some "revision", then had a walk around the harbour side. We were sitting on the edge of the harbour and I nearly got bitten by a swan as it was literally 10cm away from me, it was crazy... I recorded the whole ordeal. All in all a pretty good day.

S.S Great Britain permanently docked in Bristol Harbourside. Can't see it fully though :(.

On another note, I have been patiently waiting for this darn book to arrive (damn you Book Depository). I can't wait to read it! I think I will do a separate post about it when I finish reading it.

So tell me, what are you currently reading? 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

rachel comey s/s 14

I think you're meant to post these sort of things with the season ahead in mind, but I thought it was more appropriate to post about the season that we're in. Even though it's meant to be spring here in the UK, our sun has done a runner and the days have been dreary and grey :(.

I have always loved Rachel Comey. I think my love started when I saw annabel from blushingambition wear her boots, this was around 4 years ago, and I've been wanting a pair of mars boots ever since.
I adore these lace pieces! They are so s/s appropriate. So feminine yet cool. I am a sucker for anything lace or embroidered. 
Some more structured pieces, reminiscent of 60s fashion which is right up my alley.
More loosey goosey, that burnt orange is DIVINE!
My picks on what I would wear to a summer party. I don't exactly know what a summer party entails but this is what I would wear.

So, what's your spring/summer staple this year? Let me know in the comments.